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Bring the best of Bavaria to you this Spring...and cheer your team in between

Bring the best of Bavaria to you this Spring...and cheer your team in between

Spring has finally sprung and if that’s not enough of a reason to Cellarbrate, then let us take you through what this month has in store.

Oktoberfest (starts 16th September)

Munich may not be the most convenient destination to get to this month, but why not bring the best of Bavaria to you! This annual festival of jovial drinking and eating celebrates all we’ve come to love about Germany.  Impress your friends by learning the words to Ein Prosit (Munich’s most beloved song of Oktoberfest), stock up on schnitzels, pass around some pretzels and make sure the Becks beers are on ice.  This is one European tradition that comes naturally to us Aussies.  Or, why not introduce an Aussie twist to this very German event with a XXXX Gold.

Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th September)

There’s not many days dedicated to those outlaws of the sea, so when September 19 rolls around, we’ll be reaching for our eye patches, coaxing our toy parrots out of their cages and pouring ourselves two fingers of delicious spiced rum – Sailor Jerry, the true hero of the high seas. Blended with only the finest rums from the Caribbean, it’s got a rich, smooth taste – true pirates will be able to detect the notes of vanilla and cinnamon.   And for those who like to freshen up the flavour, just add ginger ale, mint and lime to make yours a Mule. Or for a more sophisticated approach add Campari and enjoy a spiced rum Negroni.

Comic Book Day (25th September)

It’s time to crack open that treasure chest of a dress-up box and unleash the super hero within.  The best thing about Comic Book Day is that it does not discriminate.  Whether you’re a Marvel franchise kind of person - loving Deadpool’s quick wit, Wolverine’s scary digits or Spidey’s sticky-web, or a DC fan - drawn to the good of Superman, Batman’s smooth Bruce Wayne, or Wonder Woman’s most recent makeover, Comic Bay Day celebrates them all.  Send out the bat signal, gather your motley crue, and ponder over what would  Superman drink? Hard to know for sure, but our guess would be Skyy vodka – with its exceptional quality and smoothness along with the distinctive cobalt blue bottle, it’s the natural fit for Superman’s aerial precision and man of steel suit. And let’s not forget his All-American alter-ego Clarke Kent, who’d be more than partial to a lager which would make Budweiser the perfect choice.

Footy Finals (AFL + NRL, 7th September - 1st October)

Whatever code you’re supporting, September in Australia affords many occasions to get the gang together, passionately support their beloved team and then celebrate / commiserate accordingly.

For the AFL fans of the Crows, Port Adelaide, Eagles, Swans, Giants, Bombers, Tigers and Cats, you’re all still in the running, and the cup could be hosted by almost any state this year (Sorry Queensland, an early exit means it won’t be up north this time!). Footy fans and a good beer goes hand in hand, so our pick would be Carlton Draught – a staple for the in-home viewing experience.

And now to our NRL fans, with the Storm, Roosters, Broncos and Eels leading the charge, interstate rivalry has never been better. In the modern game, a team from outside of the top four has never taken the title. So could 2017 be the year for a bolter from the back of the pack to take the premiership? We’ll have to wait and see. If you’re planning on watching on the box, why not go for something a little different with a James Squire 150 Lashes. But if you’re a die-hard and must line up to your state, Queenslanders look no further than XXXX, New South Wales fans love a Tooheys New and for our Victorians a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer and that’s a VB.

So whatever you’re celebrating this start of spring, swing by your local Cellarbrations for some friendly advice and drinks at the right price.