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The Definitive Half-time Snack Hack & Drink Pairing

The Definitive Half-time Snack Hack & Drink Pairing

Having the team round to watch some scintillating footy action? That’s happening. The tricky part as host is keeping everyone’s tastebuds and bellies onside while the game’s on.  That’s why Cellarbrations have teamed up with Bundaberg U.P. Rum & Cola to throw a curve ball into play.

What if there was a half-time snack that could please the whole crowd with almost zero effort? Winner—right? Well, we’re about to share a half-time snack hack that will score cheers all round when you Bring the Team Together for the footy finals.

What You’ll Need

  • A few cases of thirst quenching Bundaberg U.P. Rum & Cola from your local Cellarbrations. Find your nearest store.
  • A muffin tray (you heard us, a muffin tray!)
  • A big bowl of nachos for dipping
  • A range of delicious fillings (serving suggestions below)

The Fillings

Your creativity is the limit here—but it does help to know what ticks your friends’ boxes. To help you along, we’ve put together a few recommendations to keep a rowdy bunch of ravenous spectators satisfied the whole game through.

Something Crispy

You’ll need something with a bit of crunch along with the nachos. There are heaps of delicious savoury snacks you can throw in here. Any type of savoury crisps or nuts will be a welcome addition to the line-up.

Something Dippy

Whether it’s creamy hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki, or just your classic salsa, dips are non-negotiable when it comes to this half-time snack. Perfect for loading onto a nacho and trying to guide it into your mouth—without spilling—making sure you never miss a moment of the action.

Something Hot

It seems to us that wherever there’s footy, there are those people who like to think they can handle heat. Throw in something spicy like jalapeños or, if you think they can take it, some whole chillies. Just have a few cans of something ice cold on hand to let them cool off afterwards. 

Something Continental

We’ve all got those friends who went to the Mediterranean and came back olive connoisseurs. We love them, so we have to keep them happy. Fill a few muffin holes (yes, they’re muffin holes now) with green and black pitted olives. There are plenty of different types of olives, and many have different fillings, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Putting it All Together

As the old saying goes, “a stop motion video paints a thousand words.” So, we’ll just leave this video here—we’re off to enjoy a few Bundaberg U.P. Rum & Colas!