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Perfect Pairings - You, me & a cheeseboard

Perfect Pairings - You, me & a cheeseboard

Cheese and Shiraz are a match made in Heaven; whether you’re planning a party or an after dinner treat, this delicious duo will enrich your evening. The reason this pair are so successful is because the high protein found in cheeses compliments the strong taste of Shiraz, enriching the flavors of both.  Beneath are our favourite cheese picks to compliment your Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz.



An aged manchego is a Spanish favourite. The taste is tangy and moist, making any cheese platter the winning Matador when this bull’s kick of flavour is paired with our Shiraz. 



The Pantheon, The Colosseum, The Pecorino - Ancient Roman staples that have stood the test of time, and for good reason. This sharp and salty cheese has always been a favourite when paired with the strong taste of Shiraz, and is here to stay.



Watch our Chanel, this French classic has got everybody swooning. Its crumbly texture combines well with some crusty bread, dried fruit and a glass of Shiraz to make a picnic so perfect even Marie Antoinette would forgo the cake.



Gorgonzola and our Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz is a masterclass in style and sophistication. This blue veined, crumbly textured cheese packs a powerful punch for your eyes, nose and taste buds, an experience not to be missed.



Good old cheddar. Reliable and consistent, the stuff you childhood ran on. It’s been the foundation of friends and families for generations. Our Shiraz matches perfectly with strong hard cheeses such as this famous cheddar.



We couldn’t pronounce it correctly at first either, but don’t worry, the Swiss are very forgiving. And they make some superb cheese, creamy and gooey, dripping off a cracker and paired with Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz. It’s truly the little things that make life great.