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The Personality Based Christmas Gift Guide

The Personality Based Christmas Gift Guide

Much like the drinks we enjoy at this time of year, our friends all have distinctive characters with different tastes. Some are sweet and bubbly, others deep and complex. It can be hard to buy gifts even for those we think we know well, which is why we’ve put together this Christmas gift guide to help you match up the perfect prezzies to your unique and wonderful friends.

The Loyal One

Fair-weather friends—there through the good times, but when things get hairy they become mysteriously unavailable. True friends are there through thick and thin, and that’s what has earned them ultimate friendship rights… like raiding your fridge without having to ask.

For The Loyal One, reward them with something as respected and long-established as your friendship—a giftwrapped case of Crown Lager and, most importantly, an invite to that spot you both love to sit and watch the world go by while talking about life, the universe and everything. Lovely.

The One You Share ‘DMCs’ With

Whenever you’re having a drink with this one, it turns into a full-blown DMC (deep, meaningful conversation) by the second glass. That’s why they know more about you than your own mother (thankfully!)

As a gift to this superstar, you’ll want something stylish to the eye and friendly and accessible to the palate. Try a bottle of Yellowglen Yellow, a bubbly Brut Cuvée which looks the part and will no doubt be shared with you over a few more DMCs!

The Adventurer/Adventuress

When they’re not off exploring foreign lands, they’re always pleasure to be around. Never short of a yarn to spin, these friends can hold a crowd like no one else. But since their eyes are always fixed on the horizon, it’s easy for them to forget what treasures lie in their own backyard.

Give them a taste of something Australian-made to remind them why they call this place home. Try a bottle of Bundaberg Select VAT, which has been crafted in this fair land by picking the VATs which have expressed particularly special characteristics and using them to continue aging the rum for a richer, more balanced flavour.

The Special One

We all know who that person is for us. Their presence in your life is indescribably important, and you consider it a privilege and an honour to know them.

There’s no better way to celebrate The Special One than with the gift of Champagne. We’ve picked out Mumm Cordon Rouge NV as the winner, whose fine bubbles and pristine finish deliver superb quality at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Foodie

This is the friend you always order after at a restaurant, to avoid FOMO when they inevitably pick something incredible! They explore the world with their palate and are always driving the charge to dine out, whether at ‘holes in the wall’ or Michelin starred restaurants. But remember, ‘tis also the season of eating at home—BBQs, family gatherings, and house parties. You know the score.

We recommend a case of versatile red wine that they can dip into whenever there’s a food-based social event in their calendar. Try a case of McGuigan Black Label Red, which is a well loved all rounder that’s especially perfect for BBQ season.

The Wine Aficionado

While The Foodie makes the call on the menu front, you’re praying The Wine Aficionado takes control of that awkward moment when the waiter offers up a taste test for the wine you’ve ordered. The choice is inevitably good, though, since The Wine Aficionado spent 20 minutes talking shop with the restaurant’s sommelier while everyone else’s eyes glazed over!

When it comes to choosing wine as a Christmas gift for them, it can be hard enough to make the choice between red, white or rosé. So, leave choice out of it and wrap up all three! Try Jacob’s Creek, perhaps their Le Petit Rosé, Shiraz and Chardonnay. Winner.

If none of our suggestions quite hit the mark, we invite you to pop in to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members at your local Cellarbrations who’ll be more than happy to recommend something better suited to your weird and wonderful friends. You might also find some inspiration from our Specials page which features heaps of new deals especially for the festive season.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Cellarbrations!