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Picnic Hacks: A Smart, Practical Guide for the Perfect Picnic.

Picnic Hacks: A Smart, Practical Guide for the Perfect Picnic.

Goodbye searing hot summer, hello cooler autumn breezes bringing a crisp quality to the air that makes you want to grab your picnic gear and head off into the great outdoors with a cheeky bottle of rose and a case of Mids.

But before you do, read our six clever tips to ensure you’re a seasoned picnic-pro this Autumn.

Freeze a few water bottles for your esky. The best way to do this is with some forward planning - fill them up the night before. It’s a genius way of keeping everything in your esky, especially your beers, cold for longer without the hassle of ice bags melting and drowning your food. Plus once thawed they become a refreshing cold drink later in the day.

Lay plastic bags under your picnic blanket. Grass has a sneaky way of hiding the fact that the earth beneath might actually still be wet from the night before. Make sure everyone at your picnic is comfortable by creating a waterproof barrier. Repurpose plastic bags from your shopping trip by laying them down under your picnic rug. Now we’re going full recycling pro.

Create an ant proof barrier with talcum powder. Yes, you heard right, it’s weird but effective, creating a ring of talc around your picnic rug will stop all manner of bugs from infesting your food, which can also lead to you being something worth biting too. Your mates might think you’re crazy at first, until they see how many armies of ants simply refuse to march across your fine powdered line. Try your best little guys. Bon appetit!

Turn any chip packet into a chip bowl. Why bring bowls along when chips come in a readymade bowl? Change the game by making that chip bag work harder. Just push the bottom up inside itself from underneath and stretch it out to make a base. Then to keep your party looking pretty, roll the top of the chip packet over inwards like a cuff to complete the illusion of a bowl and establish that you’re a real picnic MacGyver.

A muffin tray makes the perfect condiment holder. Don’t waste time dragging along big bottles of condiments, it’s much easier to squeeze sauces, pour spices and place chopped marinated veggies into a single muffin tray and cover it with cling film for the journey. Legendary prep tip right there, and with less to bring, you’ll have more room for a case of beer!

Boost that sound system. It might just be your phone that’s providing the music or perhaps you have a portable stereo that’s suddenly losing its kick and killing the vibe. Fear not, simply place it in a cup or a bowl and you’ll do wonders for projecting the acoustics. Also an empty beer case will act as the perfect boombox amp.

Throwing down a picnic rug in the great outdoors inevitably leads to activity, laughs with friends, and the chance to enjoy a beverage or two. Kicking a footy and cracking jokes is a sure fire way of lifting your heart rate. Drinking a cold, full-flavoured mid allows you to stay involved and be social; what’s more, it makes early activity the next day easier too.

Hopefully a few of these tips will be useful and make your next picnic go perfectly, enjoy!