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Roll into Autumn with Cellarbrations!

Roll into Autumn with Cellarbrations!

It’s April, and that means we are gliding through Autumn and with it, lots of wonderful reasons to celebrate. For starters, it’s time to start preparing for Mother’s Day and while it might seem like it’s far away, who hasn’t been caught out before by thinking you have more time than you do. So show your mum how much you care with a few of our expert suggestions.

But before that, there are even more reasons to celebrate with Beverage Day which is coming up on the 6th of May. We’ve got a great list of ways to wow your guests at any occasion. Plus, read on to find out about our Nova Drink of the Week, Aperol, and ways to serve it up this April.


Beverage Day

Today is the day to sit back, relax and crack open your favourite beverage in honour of National Beverage Day! Whatever your favourite drink is, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Plus a whole host of activities to make sure your celebrations really pop! And we’re not just talking about corks. Read on for our favourite beverages we’ll be celebrating this month.

Throw a picnic party

The seasons are changing, but that doesn’t mean we should wave goodbye to the great outdoors. Enjoy the last of the sun with a group of mates by heading out into the backyard with an esky full of your favourite beverages, and a whole load of good vibes!

Ever played potluck? Ask all your friends to bring their favourite homemade dish, meaning you can focus on the best part - the drinks! Refresh your friends with an easy 4 ingredient White Peach and Green Tea Bellini. 

Simply mix one part muddled peach and one part gin to two parts prosecco and two parts green tea. Swirl and serve!

A backyard cricket game

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, so why not organise a friendly backyard cricket game. And if you’re anything like us, your favourite part of the game is the drinks break. Serve up some super refreshing beverages like chilled Pure Blonde Cider, or Corona with a wedge of lime.

BBQ with mates

It’s every Aussie’s favourite past time and with the days getting colder this might be your last chance for a while. Grab your mates, food supplies for the barbie, and some delicious drinks for the day. We’d recommend a glass of Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz to go with your snags or roasted vegetables, or maybe try an Upside Down Sauvignon Blanc if you’re BBQ is all about the seafood.


Mother’s Day

We all get caught up in life sometimes and forget to thank mum for all the things she does for us, even the little stuff, so Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her. It’s coming up on the 13th of May, so it’s time to start planning something special now. Let us help you make her feel super special this year with our expert guide to spoiling every kind of mum.

Wine and dine

The number of times you’ve come home and mum had your dinner ready and on the table is probably countless. Turn the table this year, and hop in the kitchen this Mother’s Day. A little effort goes a long way and even if you’re not an amazing cook, we’ve got a foolproof recipe for you.

Vegetable tartlets


1 puff pastry sheet, thawed

Plain flour, for dusting

4 tsp pesto

1 cup cherry tomatoes, squashed

8 asparagus spears, cut into 3cm pieces, discard ends

4 small zucchinis, ribboned

2 roasted peppers, sliced,

1/2 fresh basil

Olive oil

8 black olives

100g mozzarella ball

20g parmesan cheese


  1. Turn the oven to 200ºC. Cut the puff pastry sheet into four squares and place on a baking tray. Smooth pesto into the centre of the pastry, but don’t spread to the edges.

  2. Add the tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini ribbons, roasted peppers, basil leaves in a mixing bowl with a splash of olive oil.

  3. Place a spoonful of the vegetable mix into the centre of each piece of pastry, on top of the pesto, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

  4. Bake for 15 mins or until the pastry is golden and the cheese is crispy. Allow to cool and top with fresh basil leaves before serving.

 And while you’re in the kitchen, why not whip up a cool cocktail like a Bellini. Simply add sparkling Yellowglen Yellow and peach juice and you’re done.

Plan a scenic walk and picnic

Make the most of the Autumn sun and head out on a scenic walk with a bottle of something special packed safely. What better way to catch up then over a picnic? And we’ve got the perfect picnic shopping list for you.

Disposable plates, serviettes, cups & cutlery

Picnic rug





Assorted nuts

Cheeses (think hard and soft cheeses)





Sun dried tomatoes

And most importantly, a bottle of Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc.

Chocolates and wine

Who doesn’t love wine and chocolate? It’s a surefire way to ensure your mum has a huge smile on her face. Whether she likes dark, white, milk or a mixture, we’ve got the perfect wine based cocktail to go with her favourite sweet treat. Why not mix up an easy but delicious White Wine Raspberry Sangria for her? Read on to find out how!


1 orange, peeled and sliced

1 cup raspberries, halved

½ cup lemon juice, squeezed

2 tbsp sugar

1 bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay



Add all ingredients to a jug and stir. Serve with ice and enjoy.


Nova Drink of the Week

Tune in to Nova this Friday to hear the Cellarbrations Drink of the Week featured on the KTM show. This week we are loving the Aperol Spritz - the perfect pair for your aperitivo moment. Enjoy it on Beverage Day, spoil mum by serving her a Spritz, or find another occasion to sit back, relax, and sip an Aperol Spritz. Find the recipe below. 


90mL Riccadonna Asti Prosecco
60mL Aperol

30mL Soda Water




  1. Place ice in a large wine glass.

  2. Pour 90mL of Riccadonna Prosecco, 60mL Aperol and 30mL of Soda Water into the glass.

  3. Garnish with a slice of orange.

  4. Enjoy!