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So many occasions…for a Cellarbration!

So many occasions…for a Cellarbration!

Too often we wait for that “special” occasion to pull the crew together and celebrate.  Planning for a birthday, New Year’s Eve, a going-away party...however, when we look back, our most memorable occasions are the spontaneous ones that just happened out of nowhere.


It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to get together and we’re here to help out with a little bit of inspo, so depending on your style, you’ll definitely find your own unique way to celebrate the occasion!


Christmas in July (Anytime in July)


Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches....Wait another 6 months for presents from the jolly old man in red? Forget that!


For our continent, it’s not unusual to be celebrating Christmas on a balmy +30 degree day, with a selection of some the world’s best seafood and a dip in the pool. Meanwhile, the majority of the rest of the world freezes off their kaboose in the wintery snow. A winter wonderland does look pretty cool in the movies, so here in Australia we can use July as a chance to celebrate Christmas in the mid of Winter but moreso as our excuse to pop on our most hideous Christmas sweater, have a bunch of fun with friends and take some awesome Instagram pics.


Warm up the oven, put in a turkey, or a turducken (a chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey), roast up some vegetables and have the crew around for some yuletide cheer around the heater. For those of you living near the snow in Hotham in Victoria or Jindabyne in New South Wales, this just adds to the festivities with actual, real snow.  


For this winter's Christmas celebration in Australia, a crisp beer like Stella Artois will make the occasion feel a bit more European, or we’ll revel in our Australian pride with a selection from the Wolf Blass Gold Label range of wines, particularly one of our favourites, their Shiraz.


National Lasagne Day (29th July)


You don’t have to be a lazy orange cat from the 80s to appreciate this one. One of the Italy’s greatest exports, the layered masterpiece has long been one of Australia’s most beloved meals.

What’s not to love? Sheets of pasta. Tomato sauce. Meat. Cheese. Drool…

Of course a day dedicated to this baked picasso existed, but why didn’t we know this sooner and demand an after lunch siesta?!


It’s not that difficult to make, so if you fancy yourself a potential contestant for the next season of MKR, pick out your lasagne recipe, pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees, and invite over a few friends to indulge, slicing into copious levels of carbs.


Just think how layers of pasta can bring together an excuse for a get-together, and this year it falls on a Saturday!


A nice bottle of red wine will go perfectly, and we recommend a big red. Try Samuel Wynns Shiraz, or a classic Pepperjack Shiraz. Both will pair sensationally with your favourite Andrea Boccelli songs on Spotify and a big bowl of the Italian stuff.

Girl Friend’s Day (1st August)


Valentine’s day, the “greeting card” of national holidays has a run for its money here and we won’t need cupid, cheeky devil underwear or boxes of chocolates to celebrate.


This one isn’t about romance but instead a chance to celebrate all of our girl friends. Whether it’s your besties, your love or your platonic partner who trapped you in the friend zone, what better day to get together and toast the amazing women in our lives?


A perfect spot would be an after work catch up at home for a bit of indoor entertaining, to make up a few cocktails or share some wine. To step it up a notch, a selection of antipasto is a great inclusion and will make everyone feel welcome. We’d recommend some prosciutto, salami, olives, some of your favourite cheeses, and some artichokes for a nice full spread.

We couldn’t go past making an Espresso Martini with the ever versatile Skyy Vodka (simply add 50ml Vodka, 50ml Espresso, 15ml Coffee Liqueur and ice into a cocktail shaker, shake and strain) or bringing a bottle of Yellowglen Yellow to the table. These are some crowd pleasers we’re sure everyone will enjoy and make Girl Friend’s day a staple on our annual calendar.

International Beer Day (4th August)


When you thought you’d have to wait until Oktoberfest to celebrate the amber stuff, the perfect day hits the calendar. International Beer day is one where it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can truly appreciate the craft in making one of our favourite drinks.


This is definitely one of our favourite days on the calendar, as we can enjoy a sample from not just the German's finest, but all styles from around the world. We can get together with our friends and family and celebrate the golden liquid deliciousness, but also the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into making it.


We may be a little biased, but these Aussie drops are amongst the best and if you haven’t already, try James Squire’s 150 Lashes Pale Ale, which is a perfect starting point for anyone jumping into an appreciation of a more flavourful beer. But, this is international beer day, so try having a selection on hand for everyone to try. If you’re into lagers, Budweiser is an American staple, or a trip across to other countries may find you trying something a bit lighter like a Kirin or Corona, which are also both also worth giving a go for a change of style for the day.


Whichever beer appeases you and your friends, hoist your tankards, clank your stubbies, or take a tip of a tinnie to celebrate the craft of beer.

There are so many occasions throughout the next few weeks to inspire a get-together, take it as a chance to get your friends and family together to celebrate.