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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine for Your Mates

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine for Your Mates

The world is moving in an entirely different direction; everywhere you turn it's artisan this and handcrafted that. Most of the time, all we look for is a wine label we know; so, where do you begin when choosing a wine that matches the character of your best mate? Truth is, you don’t need to be a glass swirling, wine swilling sommelier to pair the right wine with the right person—at least, not with this handy guide from The Bottle-O.

So, whether you’re planning a BBQ or having some mates around for dinner—no worries. The Bottle-O is here to help you show off just how cultured you are, and choose a wine for your mates to guarantee that approving eyebrow raise you’re hoping for.

The Wild One
If you’ve got a mate who always seems to be taking trips into the wilderness, then they'll need something hearty and strong. Those with a wild streak often love red meat—still mooing, preferably. With that in mind, it’s time to wheel out the Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab Sav is the perfect drop for the mate who loves their steak rare. So, when they're spinning yarns about crossing rivers, climbing mountains, and wrestling bears, just quietly pour them a glass of Cab Sav, smile, and listen.

The Chiller

Whenever you ask this one what they like, they always say, “I’m easy.” That’s great, but doesn’t exactly help you choose the perfect wine now, does it? But, there is wine to match with your mate's relaxed personality, and that’s a Merlot. Merlot is a soft, almost velvety red wine, with fruity plum flavours, and will always get the conversation flowing—perfect for long nights spinning yarns with your chilled out mate about life, the universe, and everything.

The Fancy Pants

How do you impress the mate that’s got their finger on the pulse? The one who always knows what trends are hot, which restaurants to go to, and where you shouldn’t be seen dead. The answer is Pinot Noir. It’s a little bit fancy, but won’t break the bank. The flavour of Pinot Noir will conjure up notes of fruits and berries. Pay close attention and you'll be able to taste cherries, strawberries, or even ripe tomatoes. The scent is soft and earthy—if you can't pick that out, they certainly will. Serve up some Pinot Noir as an excellent wine to accompany cold meats and cheeses or pair with a top Sunday roast.

The Eternal Student

Have you got a mate who still parties like it’s O-Week? Whether it’s a midweek gig, or dancing on the ceiling on a big Saturday night, they're the life of the party and nothing’s gonna get between them and a good time. Surely, they've tried every drink that comes in a glass, but when it’s time for them to come around for a chilled dinner, what do you serve them? Well, Shiraz is a spicy, peppery red, with a bit of a kick—the perfect full-bodied wine for the mate that loves to party. Just don’t let them dance on the ceiling with a bottle of red in their hand.

Your Oldest Friend

What about that mate that’s always been there for you; who’s been there through the hairy and the scary? Try the trusty Pinot Gris—a classic French wine that has never let anyone down. With hints of ripe tropical fruits, mangoes, and melons, Pinot Gris always delivers. There’s just something about this wine that seems so balanced, much like your good ol' mate. So, when they come around to talk about days gone by, you’ll know what to pour them.

The Traveler

So, your mate just got back from New Zealand and they have a newfound worldliness about them. How do you keep up with the mate with the travel bug who's already planning their next overseas adventure? The best way to keep them grounded while having them over is to treat them to a favourite from their travels. Everybody knows that New Zealand is famous for their Sauvignon Blanc, so it’s a no-brainer. Sauvignon Blanc has a zesty, grassy flavour, with hints of passionfruit, and can remind people of a tart piece of green apple or a tasty white peach. Pair it with a white meat, kick back, and enjoy their traveler's tales—safe in the knowledge that you're helping your wayfaring mate remember why they love travelling in the first place.


In the end, don’t worry about what your mates want; you’re the one you have to look after, right? Perhaps it’s time to look a little deeper into the world of wine and find something that makes your palate tingle. Maybe you’re feeling like a matador bullfighter, and a Spanish Tempranillo will suit your fire and passionate personality; or maybe you want to sit back and remember your gap year in Italy with a delicious Chianti. The possibilities with wine are endless; the only limit is your imagination.

So, what now? Simply check out our Specials catalogue or find your nearest The Bottle-O store to discover our huge selection of wines—now you’re an expert, obviously.