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White wine & Champagne Pairing

White wine & Champagne Pairing

When perfectly paired, a great glass of white wine can make your palate pop and elevate your dining experience from fine to fabulous. No matter how you choose to compose your meal, it’s important to consider the delicate balance between your dish and drink and create the flawless palate harmony. For seafood, classic sparkling pairings like Champagne and baked fish dishes or Prosecco and fresh shellfish never fail. If it’s a delicate dessert you’re plating for, sweet Riesling and Moscato present the perfect match for (almost) all your cheese board needs.

Champagne is a great ‘no brainer’ when it comes to matching a wide variety of main dishes, for brunch, lunch, dinner and all manner of snacking in between! Flaky fish and champagne are, of course, a classic as well as Champagne and oysters. Simply choose a young, dry, and light champagne to balance the salty sea flavour and enjoy.

When it comes to Prosecco, the frothy bubbles and notes of lemon cut through the richness of a variety of shellfish meals, letting the bubbly take its due at center stage. As Prosecco leans more toward the sweeter end of the spectrum, it’s an ideal match with crab dishes and white meats, perfect to enjoy in the company of friends.

Sweet with a hint of fruit and a characteristic musky aroma, Moscato wines are best suited to fresh and soft cheeses with low tannins. From Brie (including baked Brie) to Pecorino Romano, the fruity citrus and peach flavours are the perfect match for your dessert cheese plate. Simple and sophisticated, add a slice of fig for that extra punch.

If it’s Riesling you prefer, look for saltier cheeses to heighten the sweetness of your drink for a breezy platter pairing. The crispiness of Riesling works perfectly with young Cheddars and semi-hard, medium-aged cheeses, while the acidity level intermingles with the light saltiness of blue cheese. 


So go on, head into your local Cellarbrations store, pop the top, and have at them!