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Why Wine is the Father's Day Gift for Heroes

Why Wine is the Father's Day Gift for Heroes

Gifts grab our attention when we know they’ll make the perfect moment for the loved ones in our lives. So, this Father’s Day, why not make the gift even more special by celebrating Dad as the superhero you know he is with a wine that could be enjoyed now or save the day later. Here are just a few ways the gift of wine could help Dad live up to his superhero status—when it really matters. 

BBQ Heroics

Picture Dad at a BBQ with his mates: steak charred to perfection, footy game blasting from the radio, beauuutiful weather. The day’s nearly perfect—except that, when the grub’s ready, everyone realises Hank left the drinks at home. Oh, Hank! While everyone’s goin’ at Hank, Dad dons his invisible cape, flies into the house to grab those bottles of Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon you got him for Father’s Day, and saves the day! 

Epic Anniversary

It’s a special anniversary; dinner is plated up to perfection, candles are flickering, and Mum is gleaming in her new necklace. “What a lucky man,” Dad muses. Time to raise a toast to all those years of love, laughter, and happiness. That is, if Dad hadn’t forgotten to actually pick up something bubbly at the weekend! Not to worry—Super Dad to the rescue! He slips nonchalantly into the kitchen, opens the fridge, and pulls out that bottle of bright and juicy Wolf Blass Moscato sparkling wine you gifted him. He pours them both a glass, raises a toast, and watches a smile as sweet as the wine itself beam across Mum’s gorgeous face. 

Courageous Creative

Sometimes we just can’t avoid work deadlines. Dad’s are always getting stuck late at the office, working on big projects with their teams, but, under that kind of pressure, it’s not always easy to conjure up creative solutions and ideas on the fly. Never fear, Dad’s here! He bolts to his desk and picks up the bottle of robust Wolf Blass Shiraz you got him for Father’s Day—Bob’s your uncle. It’s amazing what a little relaxation and good conversation can do for creativity.

You always knew Dad had super powers, and now and you know just how he does it. Check out our Specials or find your local Cellarbrations and let our team of knowledgeable staff help you help Dad save the day with the perfect Father’s Day gift.