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Entertaining at home? That calls for Cellarbrations.
Winter is a great excuse to stay indoors and entertain at home. Why not have your friends over for an in-home wine tasting of Taylors Jaraman range of wines. When it comes to really enjoying a nice...
Maker's Mark Old Fashioned
INGREDIENTS: 60mL Maker's Mark 1 teaspoon of sugar 2 dashes of bitters 15mL water Orange peel Sphere ice ball (if possible) MTHEOD: 1. Combine sugar, bitters and water in a short glass and stir until...
CC & Dry with Lime
INGREDIENTS: 30mlLCanadian Club Dry ginger ale Fresh lime wedge METHOD: 1. Add 30ml C.C into a tall glass and add ice 2. Top with dry ginger ale 3. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge
Jim Beam Peach Highball
INGREDIENTS: 30mL Jim Beam White 15mL peach ice tea cordial Soda Water METHOD: 1. Add Jim Beam, peach iced tea cordial to a tall glass. 2. Fill 3/4 with ice & top with soda water. 3. Garnish with...
Hot Buttered Captain
INGREDIENTS: 50mL Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 75g butter 1 teaspoon brown sugar One drop vanilla essence 150ml hot water Scoop ice-cream (optional) METHOD: 1 Add the Captain Morgan Original...
Captain Morgan Mint Cooler
INGREDIENTS: 30mL Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 150mL lemonade 2 wedges lime 2 sprigs of mint METHOD: 1. Fill a glass with ice 2. Add 50mL of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold. 3. Squeeze in...
Bundy Dark & Stormy
INGREDIENTS: Plenty of Ice 150mL Ginger Beer 30mL Bundy UP Rum METHOD: 1. Combine all Ingediants in a Glass. 2. Stir & enjoy!
East 8 Hold Up
INGREDIENTS: 30mL SKYY VODKA 30mL APEROL 15mL LIME JUICE 30mL PINEAPPLE JUICE 15mL PASSIONFRUIT JUICE METHOD: 1. Add the Skyy Vodka, Aperol & fruit juices into a tall glass. 2. Shake ingredients...
Gold Rush
INGREDIENTS: 60mL Wild Turkey 86.8 Bourbon Whiskey 30mL Fresh Lemon Juice 15mL Honey Syrup (equal parts of honey and water) METHOD: 1. Hard shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. 2...
Bacardi Mojito
INGREDIENTS 50mL Bacardí Carta Blanca Rum 25mL Lime Juice 12 Mint Leaves 2 Tsp Extra Fine Sugar 25 ml Soda Water METHOD 1. Take 4 lime wedges and squeeze them into a glass. Gently press together with...