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East 8 Hold Up
Ingredients: 45mL Skyy Vodka 15mL Aperol 15mL fresh lime juice 30mL pineapple juice 15mL fresh passionfruit pulp Methodology: Shake all ingredients with ice Strain in a large rocks glass over more...
Corona Ligera
This new premium mid strength beer from Corona. The crisp and refreshing taste of Corona with only 3.2% ABV Best served ice cold with a wedge of lime.
Great Northern Original
The beer from up here, brewed super crisp for the hot Aussie weather, share a cold one with your mates for a weekend of outdoor adventures and relaxation.
Summon The Baron
Ingredients: 30mL Baron Samedi Spiced Rum 120mL Ginger Beer Dash of bitters Methodology: Combine all the ingredients into a short glass filled with cubed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy! Drink...
Gordon's Pink Gin Spritz
INGREDIENTS: 45mL Gordon’s Pink Gin 45mL Prosecco 90mL Lemonade 2 lemon wedges Sliced strawberries METHODOLGY: Pour Gordon’s Pink Gin in a wine glass with plenty of ice. Squeeze two lemon wedges. Top...
Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager
Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb was brewed for those who are pursuing their best life, whether it be living an active lifestyle or kicking back with friends. With 80% less carbs than regular beer, Pure...
Jim Beam Black & Ginger
Ingredients 30mL Jim Beam Black Label Chilled Dry Ginger Ale Ice Methodology Fill glass with ice Add 30mL of Jim Beam Black label Top with chilled dry ginger ale Garnish with a wedge of fresh lime...
Wild Turkey 101 Ginger Beer and Fresh Lime
Ingredients: 30mL Wild Turkey 101 120mL Ginger Beer 2 lime wedges Methodology: In a short glass filled with ice add Wild Turkey 101 & ginger beer. Squeeze in 2 lime wedges and stir through...
Great Northern Super Crisp
The Great Northern Super Crisp Lager has been created by Queenslanders, for Queenslanders. Brewed for the Australian climate, Great Northern captures the Queensland sense of adventure, fishing,...
Wolf Blass Red Label - Cabernet Merlot
A medium-bodied wine with dark fruit characters of plum and blackberry. Red Label Cabernet Merlot is great with chargrilled steak & mushrooms, or lamb tajine with date & almond couscous.